Who am I?

Here is a few things you might want to know about me, followed by a photo gallery! Name: Robin Hacker-Cary Age: 20 Ethnicity: I am ethnically Austrian and Greek, born in the United States and raised in New Zealand. I now currently am doing my undergraduate studies in Colorado, USA. Employment: Im currently a student but also work part time in a Microbiology lab at CU. I recently had my first research paper published which is about the differences in male and female microbiomes. I also babysit for 3 families and am planning on getting my licence to teach yoga this summer. Interests: Veganism, cycling, running, yoga, environmental conservation, watercoloring, cooking, hiking, meditation, snowboarding, writing and studying physiology. What I hope to share: How to find peace within yourself so that you can make the best possible impact on the world. How to deal with the hard times, push through, and use these struggles to develop your inner strength. And most importantly, what it really means to be alive and the power you have to shape the world. To read more about this check out my first blog post.  Social Media: Instagram TumblrFacebook